PE019 - Bioethics

Medicine and biotechnology have enhanced and extended, even revolutionised our lives, and much of that is to celebrated. But they also raise important questions and challenges that we need to address carefully, thoughtfully, and faithfully in light of our Christian faith.

In this unit we will explore ethical and theological frameworks and their application to medicine and biotechnology. It will enable you to come to grips with important issues relating to the beginning and end of life and all the stages in between: abortion and assisted reproductive technologies; genetics and human enhancement; euthanasia and end of life care; the nature of medicine and what its goals should be.

If you’re interested in exploring questions like these, then please join us in PE019.

Pre/Co-requisite Units: 

Pre-requisites (all levels): 24 credit points TH/PE
Pre-requisites (level 9): the above, plus 48 credit points level 8

Unit Exclusions: 

Prior to 2020, this unit content was delivered under the unit code PE753-4/6

Full Course Unit Descriptor:

For the full Course Unit Descriptor, please see the Australian College of Theology website