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Why should you engage with further Bible Study?

Thursday 11th June 2020

As the academic year gets underway, it’s exciting to see all the classes start back up again and to welcome new and old students back to our campus. One of the exciting offerings returning this year is our Evening Classes. 

Bible studies are so valuable — it’s likely you’re involved in one through your own local church or, if you aren’t, you will have been encouraged to join one. Bible studies come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have a few things in common: 

  • An in-depth look at Scripture, with time to ask questions and feed your curiosity 
  • Over time, they increase your knowledge of the Bible and help you to know God better 
  • Lively discussions with those who are hungry to know more about God
  • They’re usually held at a time that fits with your busy life

Evening Classes at Morling take everything you love about Bible study with your church and build on those foundations to take you even further. Morling’s Evening Classes give you:

  • An academic lens through which to study the Bible
  • Lessons which help you to understand how to use your theological studies in preparation for the areas in which God has planned for you to serve 
  • Supportive, qualified lecturers guiding you through the course
  • Opportunities to pursue further formal study and to accumulate credit points towards an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Morling





Meet our Evening Class lecturers

The lecturers here at Morling are excited to get underway, so we thought we’d introduce you to them before class starts — you’re sure to find a friendly face in our Evening Classes, but now that you know who your lecturers are, we can guarantee it! 

Marc Rader (1)

Marc Rader (Old Testament Foundations by Marc Rader — Tuesday) 

Since joining Morling in 2005, Marc has taught a wide variety of subjects. His area of expertise is preaching which was the focus of his doctoral work which he completed in 2013. Marc is also the senior pastor of Gymea Baptist Church inSydney’s south where he has been since his arrival from Canada in 1997. 

Ian Packer (1) Ian Packer  (Christian Social Ethics - Tuesday)

Ian Packer, our Academic Registrar, is an accredited Baptist minister. He did his BA (Hons) in politics, philosophy and sociology at Murdoch University, studied theology at the Baptist College of WA (now Vose Seminary), and his M.Div at Ridley College and Morling College. He is currently pursuing doctoral research in theological ethics on a baptistic public theology of vocation.

Ross Clifford1Ross Clifford (Christian Apologetics — Tuesday at Morling South) 

Ross has been Principal of Morling College since 1997. Before he entered the ministry he practised law in New South Wales and the Northern Territory. Ross’ focus areas include apologetics, ethics and Theology. 

NicoleStarling (1)
Nicole Starling and Edwina Murphy (Christianity in History to 1550 — Wednesday) 

Edwina Murphy (1)-1

Nicole BA/LLB, MA(CS), MRes is a graduate of Morling College and a PhD student at Macquarie University, researching the relationship between religious belief and enlightenment values in the early Australian temperance movement.

Edwina teaches Christianity in History and Baptist Distinctives. Edwina was an evangelistic intern and also served as associate professor of Macquarie Baptist Church (1999-2000).

Matt Andrew (1)Matt Andrew (Foundational Christian Beliefs — Thursday)

Matt began work as an adjunct lecturer in the distance department in 2013 after spending seven years in pastoral ministry. His primary areas of interest are in systematic and philosophical theology. 

Anthony Petterson (1)Anthony Petterson (Pentateuch English/Hebrew — Thursday) 

Anthony joined Morling College in 2006 as a lecturer in Old Testament and Hebrew. Anthony was a pastor of two baptists churches, here in Sydney and in Dublin, Ireland. 



Ready to meet our lecturers in person and dive into your study of the Bible? You can trial an Evening Class when they start next week or apply for the full course straight away. Follow the link below to begin. 



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