How to Apply... a step by step guide

The below guide is a step by step for your Application Process with us at Morling College. If you have any questions along the way, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help you get started. 

Information on each course can be explored under the COURSES tab above.

Some courses have specific pre-requisites, so be sure to check their entry requirements on each course page.

Across each department, there are a number of different levels of study. Within the Bible, Ministry, Theology department, there are three levels:

  • Undergraduate – For anyone who has completed year 12 in an Australian school system, or equivalent.
  • Graduate – For anyone who has already completed an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in any non-theological discipline from an Australian University or other approved higher education provider, or who have completed a course of study that is deemed equivalent.
  • Postgraduate – For anyone who has already completed a theological degree at Bachelor’s level.

If you are interested in a Higher Degree by Research, then please contact us to talk through your options for study as there is a separate application process.

There are also a number of different modes of study. The mode of study refers to how each unit is delivered:

  • Online
  • On Campus
  • Mixed Modes – a mixture of online and on campus
  • Intensive – a mix of online study and then face-to-face teaching over a number of days. This allows students to complete pre-reading/s and assignments in their own time while also providing the opportunity to spend focused time interacting with a lecturer and other students.

Once you have chosen your course of study, you will first need to submit an Application Form.

This can be done fully online. If you are unsure about this, or would just like a helping hand, our Future Students Advisor can guide you in the right direction. To contact them, email enquiries@morling.edu.au.

You will be asked whether you wish to study full-time (3-4 units per semester) or part-time (1-2 units/subjects per semester), what mode you think you will primarily study in, and what course you want to enrol in. You may also choose to complete a unit as a non-award unit by choosing the 'Non-Award' option at the bottom of the Courses drop-down list . A non-award unit simply means that you are completing a standalone unit for credit rather than applying for a full course. 

A link to the online Application Form can be found at the bottom of this page.

The ACT Coursework Course Enrolment Policy, Morling Admission Requirements Policy: Bible and Theology, Student Code of Conduct and all other relevant policies and guidelines are available on the Policies page of our website. Please make sure you make yourselves familiar with these policies, as you must agree to the Student Code of Conduct while completing the application form.

The Application Form will ask for information such as your contact details, an emergency contact, the course you wish to enrol in, whether you have completed any previous study, your church and ministry involvement, and contact details for two referees - one being your church pastor, and the other a close Christian mentor or friend.

When submitting your application form, you will need to have the following documents available to upload online, or email to us, for your initial application. You also have the option to bring the documents to campus if you live in Sydney.

  • *Passport-style photo image (or 2 x passport-sized photos) jpg, bmp, gif or png file
  • *Certified copy of Proof of Citizenship (either Passport, Birth Certificate, or Certificate of Citizenship)
  • ATAR Advice Notice or HSC Results (compulsory for all school leaver applicants aged between 18-21 years)
  • Certified copy of transcripts of previous studies (An Academic Suitability Test will be required if you don’t have any transcript of prior study)
  • Proof of name change (Marriage Certificate or Change of Name Certificate, where your name is different on your most recent transcript of previous studies)
  • Completed Medical Examination form (ONLY required for applicants with disabilities, chronic illness or medical conditions)
  • IELTS scores or evidence of education completed solely in English (required for applicants with a Non-English speaking background)
  • Current visa documentation (Permanent Resident applicants living in Australia)

The items marked with an asterisk (*) are required for ALL students, others are as required. All files, apart from the photos, must be in pdf format. We would recommend getting these documents together before you start the online application process.

You will also require a separate word document, providing a brief response to the following questions. This is referred to as your Personal Statements.

  • Why do you wish to study at Morling College? What are your goals for studying?
  • Tell us about your journey to faith.
  • What kind of ministry or mission work have you been, or are you currently, involved in?
  • What kind of ministry or mission work are you hoping to be involved with in the future?
  • Please list what you consider to be the foundational beliefs of Christianity, giving affirmation of your personal convictions.
  • Do you have any further comments or information to disclose?

Please note: Your original Proof of Citizenship and Transcript documents must also be a certified copy from a Justice of the Peace or either sighted by a Future Student Advisor or Morling College Registrar’s Office.

If you wish to gain any credit transfers or Recognition of Prior Learning, please indicate this in the relevant section in the application form and it will be processed as part of your admission. Be sure to include all relevant transcripts.

If you are wanting to study at Morling as an Overseas Student on an Australian Student Visa, there are extra requirements for study. You can find these on the Overseas Students information page.

Applications for full time Bible, Ministry and Theology courses will normally require an informal interview.
Interviews will either be in person, by phone or online (eg. Zoom), and completed by a member of our faculty.

A decision about your acceptance will be made after we have received your application, certified attachments and returned reference questionnaires, and you have completed an interview (if required).

If accepted, you will be sent a Letter of Acceptance. In consultation with you, we may offer you a provisional acceptance or suggest a change to your Course level or program to best suit your plans for study.

Once you have received your Letter of Acceptance, you will be invited to enrol in your specific subjects by completing an Enrolment Form.

Individual support is available for any questions you might have about your enrolment and choosing subjects. Throughout your course, it is your responsibility to ensure that the units you choose each semester fulfil the requirements of your course. You will also need to ensure that you fulfil any pre- or co- requisite requirements of the units your selected.

In future semesters, you can also refer to the Course Planning information on Moodle, or contact your Morling Course Advisor or Department Administrator if you have any questions about your course progression.

A list of all available subjects, and our on campus timetables are available on our website here.

For those who have applied for a Bible, Ministry or Theology Course, we recommend that students first enrol in core units. These units include:

  • NT001 – Jesus & The Gospels
  • OT001 – Old Testament Foundations
  • CH001 – The Church to 1550
  • NT002 – Old Testament Prophets & Writings
  • OT002 – Early New Testament Church

Each course structure is made up of a variety of required units and electives. Each Unit Code (eg. NT001) includes two letters as the prefix which correspond to an area of study:

  • BB –Biblical Studies
  • CH – Church History
  • DM – Developmental Ministry
  • EM – Evangelism and Mission
  • IN – Integrative Studies
  • LA - Languages
  • NT – New Testament
  • OT – Old Testament
  • PC – Pastoral Care
  • PE – Philosophy and Ethics
  • TH – Theology

These codes are used in our Timetable and Unit Offerings, and will correspond to the required units outlines in your Course Structure.

Once you are enrolled, you will be set up with access to Morling Online (Moodle), and be invited to Orientation, which is conducted either on-campus or online.


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