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Did you know you don’t need to commit to an entire degree to study at Morling College?
If you are curious and want to grow in knowledge and faith, enrol as a casual student in one of our 2023 units and don't worry about exams or assessments. Casual Studies are perfect for bible study groups and church leaders wishing to get equipped to better serve their churches. 

Choose from list of recommend subjects below. (If you would like to see all of our options, consult our semester 1 timetable, and contact to discuss whether there are any prerequisites.)

To enrol in one of our units on a casual basis (not for course credit), please enrol with the relevant online Casual Enrolment Forms below. 

Casual Units Without Pre-Requisites: Recommendations for New Students

2023 Bible & Theology Units

  • Old Testament Overview - Monday Night Live

    This is a one-semester overview of the Old Testament. It explores it from the perspective of covenant: the relationship between God and his people that plays out throughout the Old Testament and into the New. For the most part, this is a big-picture overview; yet at times, the unit stops to consider in more detail some of the individual stories and passages that demonstrate the bigger themes.

    Location: Hurstville hub or livestream online
    Dates: Monday Nights -7pm to 9:15 pm
    Lecturer: Marc Rader

  • Principles of Hermeneutics

    The discipline of biblical hermeneutics seeks to understand what is involved in reading, interpreting and applying the Scriptures and offer guidance for how those tasks are best performed.

    In this unit, students are introduced to the general principles of hermeneutics, including the relationships between author, text, reader and interpretive community and the role played by biblical theology and cultural/historical context in our interpretation and application of Scripture. After a survey of these general principles, students then work through a series of different biblical genres or collections of books (OT Narrative, OT Law, OT poetry and wisdom, OT prophecy, Gospels/Acts, Epistles and Revelation), reflecting on what is involved in faithfully interpreting and applying each of them as Christian readers today.

    Location: Macquarie Park Campus - Sydney
    Delivery: Tuesday Afternoon
    Lecturer: David Starling

  • Jesus and the Gospels

    This is the first of two foundational New Testament units. It provides an overview of the four gospels and the portraits that they paint of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus—with a focus on how Jesus inaugurated the Kingdom of God in word and deed. It also offers an introduction to the context in which the gospels were written and in which the events they describe took place, and the core message of the gospels for Christian readers today.

    Location: Macquarie Park Campus - Sydney | Perth - Vose Campus (Thursday Afternoon)
    Delivery: Sydney (Tuesday Morning OR Evening) | Perth (Thursday Afternoon)
    Lecturer: Sydney (Tim MacBride) | Perth (Mike Kok)

  • Old Testament Foundations

    This unit provides an overview of the Pentateuch and historical books. This includes creation, the patriarchs in Israel's faith, Abrahamic and mosaic, conquest and settlement, the rise of the monarchy and the covenant with David, and concludes with Solomon and the division of the Kingdom. Particular emphasis is placed on familiarity with the contents of the Old Testament itself, which in many cases is read against its Ancient Near Eastern background.

    Location: Macquarie Park Campus - Sydney | Perth - Vose campus
    Delivery: Sydney (Wednesday Morning) | Perth (Tuesday Afternoon)
    Lecturer: Sydney (Anthony Petterson) | Perth (David Cohen)

  • Christianity in History from 1550

    In this unit we’ll be learning about how God has worked in history from the English Reformation to the present. We’ll discover the people, movements and ideas that made an impact – for better or worse. You'll learn about everything from Henry VIII to the abolition of slavery, from missions to the church in Nazi Germany, and from Baptist beginnings to Vatican II. We’ll see how people have followed Jesus in the past and reflect on how we can emulate their successes and learn from their failures. 

    Location: Perth - Vose Campus
    Delivery: Wednesday Afternoon
    Lecturer: Aaron Chidgzey

  • Christianity in History to 1550

    In this unit we’ll be learning about how God has worked in history from New Testament times until the Reformation era, particularly focusing on the Western tradition of the church. We’ll discover the people, movements and ideas that made an impact – for better or worse. From the doctrine of the Trinity to Luther’s Ninety Five Theses, via people like St Francis of Assisi and events like the Crusades, we’ll see how people have followed Jesus in the past and reflect on how we can emulate their successes and learn from their failures.

    Location: Macquarie Park Campus - Sydney
    Delivery: Tuesday Evening
    Lecturer: Nicole Starling

  • Introduction to Christian Ethics

    Christian Ethics explores what ‘the good life’ is, from a Christian point of view. What makes a life, a person, an act, or a decision good? How do we think about good and evil, right and wrong, that which we value and that which we reject? How do we make decisions about how to act when we are confronted with moral questions and decisions? In this unit, you will explore the ways that philosophers and Christians have approached these questions over the course of several millennia. You will learn how to use the Bible in moral formation and decision-making, and have opportunity to consider and discuss Christian approaches to specific moral issues commonly raised in our cultural moment.

    Location: Perth - Vose Campus
    Delivery: Tuesday Evening
    Lecturer: Michael O'Neill

  • Foundational Christian Beliefs

    This unit is designed to provide a single semester overview of theology, either as a broad introduction to Theology, or for students who require only one unit of Theology for their award (eg Grad.Dip.Div.). It covers the central doctrines of Christian faith, following the outline given in the Creeds.

    Location: Macquarie Park Campus - Sydney
    Delivery:  Wednesday Evening
    Lecturer: Matt Andrew

  • Ministry Formation

    This unit gives students a deeper understanding of both themselves as persons and of various pastoral roles. It asks students to examine and discuss biblical and other literature in order to gain insights concerning individual personhood and pastoral roles. In doing so, students develop their own ministerial code of conduct in light of recent studies on this issue.

    Location: Macquarie Park Campus - Sydney
    Delivery: Tuesday Morning
    Lecturer: Keith Mitchell

  • Mission in the Urban Context

    Globally, about 5 million people are moving into cities every month, and by 2050 more than two-thirds of the world’s population will be in cities. In our own cities we can see high-rise transforming the landscape. How do we connect with people in these ‘vertical villages’? We’ll be looking at the latest global ideas in urban mission, as well as visiting some urban churches in Sydney and working with them on ministry plans.

    Location: Macquarie Park Campus - Sydney
    Delivery: Wednesday Evening
    Lecturer: Graeme Dunkley

  • Christian Worldview

    In this unit we look at ways people look at the world – their worldviews. We’ll consider Christian worldviews on topics like gender, consumerism, and work. We’ll consider complementary, and sometimes contradictory worldviews from sources like First Nations people, Islam, and Buddhism. We’ll look at the worldviews of popular figures from history and culture, and you’ll be challenged to go out and actively listen to people who think differently to you. You’ll be better equipped to explain how you look at the world, and understand people who see things differently.

    Location: Macquarie Park Campus - Sydney
    Delivery: Tuesday Afternoon
    Lecturer: Graeme Dunkley

  • Missional Theology

    In this unit we’ll be learning about what God is doing in the world, and how we can play a more active and informed part in his work. We’ll be hearing from a variety of practitioners about the how and the why of their involvement in God’s purposes, and thinking about ways this can influence our involvement. We’ll look at issues as diverse as creation care, pluralism, contextualisation and risk.

    Location: Macquarie Park Campus - Sydney
    Delivery: Wednesday Afternoon
    Lecturer: Graeme Dunkley

    Bible, Theology & Ministry (Single Unit)


Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care Units 2023

  • Spirituality and Ageing

    This unit outlines the impact of ageing, how common health conditions affect the spiritual and psychological perspectives of older persons, models of spiritual and pastoral care that provide meaning and promote spiritual growth and the process of spiritual assessment. Students will develop a pastoral and theological understanding of the spirituality of ageing through the integration of rituals, symbols, sacred texts and prayers as facilitators of meaning. This unit also explores the social context of ageing and the impact this has on spiritual wellbeing in order to promote spiritual growth within the community and in diverse, multi-disciplinary settings.

    Location: Online via Zoom
    Delivery: Semester 1 - Weekly Zoom Class
    Date & Time: Monday evenings starting 20th February 2023 | 6:00pm-8:45pm (Sydney time)

  • Palliative and Dementia Care

    This unit outlines current developments and knowledge of the nature, course, common trajectories, and types of dementia, as well as an understanding of current palliative care theory in a chaplaincy and spiritual care setting.

    Students will develop an applied understanding of end-of-life care, including grief and loss and appropriate responses to palliative care in a chaplaincy and spiritual care setting. This unit will explore the theological and spiritual insights and ethical dimensions that emerge as care is offered to aged persons with dementia as well as exploring the role of chaplaincy and spiritual care within a multidisciplinary approach to dementia care and palliative care.

    Location: Online via Zoom
    Delivery: Semester 2 - Weekly Zoom Class
    Date & Time: Tuesday evenings starting 18 July 2023 | 6:00pm-8:45pm (Sydney time)

    Counselling, Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care (Single Unit)


Semester 1 Starting Day: 20th February
Bible & Theology Unit Fee: $390 per unit*
Counselling, Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care Unit Fee: $500

* Alumni special available - if you are a Morling alumni, get in touch with our Future Student Advisors 

ENQUIRE NOW: Let us know you are interested by entering your details on the form below and one of our Future Student Advisors will get in touch with you.  

Single Unit For Credit - Bible & Theology

Single Unit Study with the Australian College of Theology is an enrolment method which does not lead to a formal ACT award and does not form part of an award course at another higher education provider. If a student does not intend to complete an academic award and wants instead to enrol only in individual units, then the student is to enrol through single unit study mode.

Enrolment will normally be allowed only if the student has met the ACT’s entry requirements for the award to which the units normally belong. Single unit study is recognised for credit transfer into an ACT qualification at a later date, subject to the normal ACT regulations regarding credit transfers. However, successful completion of single unit study does not of itself guarantee later course admission.

Students undertaking single unit study are ineligible for FEE-HELP funding and must pay their tuition fees upfront. Fees are set as per our tuition fee schedule at the domestic/overseas per unit rate.

Existing students at Morling College can enrol in a single unit of study for credit by selecting 'Non-Award (single unit for credit)' in the Course of Study dropdown list on the Enrolment Form.

Future students of Morling College will need to fulfil the admission requirements prior to enrolling by completing our full Application Process. 

Bible, Theology & Ministry - Single Unit Study ENROL ONLINE