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Developing Capacity for Therapeutic Presence within Counsellors-in-Training

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Tuesday 20th July 2021

The most important part of therapy is the ability of counsellors to be ‘therapeutically present’ with their clients (Austin & Austin, 2018). As such, counsellors-in-training are encouraged to undertake the style of training that will enable them to develop the skills to be ‘present’. A process-oriented approach to counsellor training, the foundation for the Morling College Master of Counselling Course, will give counsellors-in-training extended opportunities to develop the personal skills and capacities necessary to enable them to be therapeutically present in their work with clients.

If you want to develop into a counsellor who has the capacity to be therapeutically present with your clients, then the Master of Counselling Course offered by Morling College is for you. Grounded in a Christian Worldview, this training program is delivered by experienced practitioner-educators and will provide you with a deeply transformative learning experience that will benefit you both personally and professionally. The depth of personal growth and development required during training to enable the delivery of this level of professional therapeutic service requires in-person training to remain as a central component of the training process. A flexible approach to training will allow you to study selected units within the counselling training course online, without jeopardising the experience of transformational growth and development that is the hallmark of the Morling College Counselling Course.


Austin II, J.T., & Austin, J.A. (2018). Initial exploration of therapeutic presence pedagogy in counsellor education. International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling, 40, 481-500

Written by Margaret Welch

Margaret commenced as an adjunct lecturer in counselling in 2008, and since 2013 has been on faculty as a lecturer, Associate Dean (Counselling) and now Dean of Faculty. Margaret has lectured in a wide range of subject areas within the suite of counselling awards. As Dean of Faculty Margaret's focus is to develop a strong supportive team culture, to expand the provision of Counselling and Chaplaincy training at Morling and extend the College's reputation for providing high quality and transformative counselling and chaplaincy training.

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