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Living the Kingdom with Aidan Luke

Zoom Meeting

Monday 13th September 2021

What does it mean for one to actively participate in the Kingdom of God? 

This was the theme explored during the annual Baptist Scholars International Roundtable on 9-11 August. The BSIR promotes scholarship from Baptist perspectives around the world. It provides a forum for senior scholars (BSIR Fellows) to engage with the developing ideas of doctoral students, early-career and mid-career faculty (BSIR Scholars). While the annual meeting is typically held in person at Oxford University, pandemic conditions required a virtual setting. 

This year saw seven BSIR scholars, including our own Aidan Luke, presenting on "Baptists and the Kingdom of God." Aidan presented an engaging work titled Contingency, Joy and the Kingdom of God. He discussed how to live a life marked by repentance and reversals, where lost are welcome and the lowly are treasured.


Aidan is the second member of the Morling community to be named a BSIR Scholar, following in the footsteps of Morling adjunct lecturer Nicole Starling. Starling previously presented a paper on Baptist history at the BSIR Roundtable in 2019. 

“It was wonderful being able to converse with such a distinguished group of Baptist scholars, including theologian Paul Fiddes and historian Karen Smith,” reflected Aidan. “With participants from six countries, it was a joy being able to interact with one another and hear their thoughts on my work, even if it was in the middle of the night on Zoom!”

Aidan’s passion for God’s kingdom is reflected not only in his scholarship but also in his work as the pastor of Mudgee Baptist Church and an adjunct lecturer at Morling College. He is currently completing a PhD on the nature of human and divine joy in the Gospel of Luke, with a special focus on the Parables of the Lost in chapter 15.

The plan for next year is to convene at Christ Church in Oxford, where the theme will be “Baptists and Higher Education.”

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Written by Caleb Gomez

Caleb is currently pursuing a Masters of Theological Studies at Morling College - Vose Campus. He is passionate about people and storytelling. If he's not at uni or work, you can find him at the beach or reading a biography or American classic.

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