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We are very excited to announce Morling College’s new scholarship program for 2021 and beyond.

Our new scholarship program came about from a real sense of God’s leading. This program plans to release over $300,000 per year for General Scholarships and $100,000 per year from the Tinsley Bequest specifically for scholarships in evangelism, mission and church planting. This should mean the potential of 40-50 substantial scholarships per annum to join those recipients of our existing scholarships and fellowships.

Morling scholarships aim to allow students to focus on their studies and participate in College life by relieving financial pressures that come through tuition fees or living expenses. We hope scholarships program will enable women and men who have not had the opportunity to come to Morling to study, including those from culturally diverse and indigenous communities.

Our General Scholarships are available to all Morling students studying in any course. These scholarships, which could be up to $10,000 year for a student, will be awarded in recognition of a student’s sense of vocation and future plans as well as the financial impact a scholarship will make on their ability to study. Other scholarships are designed to equip students in specific ministry or training areas. Full time and part time students may apply.


  • General Morling Scholarships
  • Tinsley Scholarships
  • Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Scholarships
  • Toga Scholarships for fulltime students
  • Kel Willis International Student Scholarships
  • Postgraduate Research Fellowship (by invitation only)

Click here for more details about eligibility criteria, amount and length of time, and number of each scholarship available.


Students can apply for Scholarships in a single online form, providing they meet the eligibility criteria. Some scholarships have their own eligibility criteria and students should review the criteria in detail before making an application. As part of submitting your online application, you may be required to provide supporting documents.

If you are a future student (i.e. you are also applying to study at Morling for the first time) please check the overview and criteria of the course you are interested in to ensure you will meet acceptance requirements.

Please note that at this time:

  • Morling's Counselling and Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care courses necessitate some face-to-face instruction on our Sydney campus.
  • Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care courses are not available to overseas students.


To allow time for processing, it is helpful to apply for these scholarships early. New students are encouraged to submit their application for study as soon as possible as well.

The Scholarship Committee will begin processing 2021 scholarship applications from:

  • November 23, 2020 for scholarships offered in Semester 1, 2021
  • May 25, 2021 for scholarships offered in Semester 2, 2021 (for scholarships which can be offered mid-year)

Once applications have been processed, we’ll get in touch with you about your outcome or to invite you to an interview. Note that some scholarships will not be granted until February 2021.


Closing date for applications: 18th January, 2021


More details about the Morling College Scholarship Program Policy, are available here.


We deeply value the opportunities we have to partner with you. Please consider how you can partner with us!


Please pray that God uses this program in mighty ways and that Morling will be a good steward of the funds that are available. Pray with a discerning heart about who you could encourage to apply. Pray for applicants and those in the selection process. Commit to praying for scholarship recipients.


The majority of our students come to College because they have been encouraged to be further equipped by someone they know. Have you already identified people in your church or community who are gifted and who have a desire to grow deeper in faith and service? Let me encourage you to have meaningful conversations with these people, and others, about how a scholarship could help them study at Morling.

To help us maintain a sustainable scholarship program we encourage churches, organisations or individuals to offer matching scholarships for those you have identified. The College will commit to match gifted funds for a fulltime student up to $5000 per year (for a possible scholarship of $10,000/year). Part-time student scholarship amounts will be determined by their unit load.


If you are thinking of study, why not prayerfully consider applying for a scholarship yourself!


We are deeply grateful for the faithful support of individuals, churches and other organisations. Your generosity in your love, prayer and financial support is so vital to our ongoing ministry. We hope you will be encouraged with us and walk with us into the future as we strive, with God's enabling, to be the best that we can be, so that churches are enriched and God's kingdom is extended.

We also want our Scholarship Program to be sustainable. Our goal is to increase our scholarship funds to provide opportunities for students, year after year, generation after generation. So, where possible, we encourage churches and individuals to consider providing a tax-deductible matching donation for a scholarship recipients or to donate to our General Scholarship, Tinsley Mission or Kel Wills funds.

Morling is offering to match scholarship donations up to $5000 per year, dollar for dollar for a full-time student (a pro-rata amount will be offered for part-time students).

Donations are processed securely through Baptist Financial Services' GIVEWAY portal and you can find more information on the Donations page of our website.

If you would also like to establish a scholarship then let us know!

Morling College is more than just a place to gain a degree. We aim to be a faithful and flourishing community of faith and learning, where we strive together to share the hope and power of the gospel. By offering these scholarships, Morling hopes to share this vision and mission. We hope that you will partner with us!