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At Morling, our mission is to equip men and women with the knowledge that they need to serve God in many different roles: pastoral ministry, in the work place, Christian education, missions work, counselling, and chaplaincy. We also recognise that it is often difficult to stop working in order to pursue further study.  In order to accommodate students who cannot attend weekly lectures, Morling has established a study program across the summer and winter breaks, and Intensive Study Units during semesters 1 and 2.

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  • UNDERSTANDING INTENSIVES (click for more information)

    Intensives are designed to deliver the face-to-face teaching, necessary for skills development, in a short period of time, while utilising online learning for the remainder of the course material. Normally, intensive units will include online learning components designed to be completed prior to the face-to-face intensive days, so please take note of the start date for each intensive. There are three different types of intensives:

    • Intensives - Intensives are units which are delivered primarily on-campus (face-to-face delivery). Students should be aware that approx 20-50% of course content will normally be delivered online prior to the on-campus days.  
    • Semi-Intensives - Semi-Intensives are units which normally have 4-5 on-campus days with face-to-face delivery spread out over the semester with some online support materials. 

2023 Winter Intensives

  • Spiritual Warfare (EM204-712/812 & EM205-912 Capstone) - Sydney Campus / Livestream Online

    Unit Codes: EM204-712 / EM204-812 / EM205-912 (Capstone)
    Delivery: Winter Intensive (pre-intensive online modules PLUS 4 day on-campus Conference/Intensive)
    Study Modes Available: On-Campus (Sydney) or Livestream
    Dates: Online pre-intensive component (20%) starts 12th June 2023
    Compulsory On-Campus Conference/Intensive Dates: Monday 3rd - Thursday 6th July 2023 (Sydney Campus or Livestream)
    Lecturer: Dr Scott Moreau
    Unit Co-ordinator: Dr Graeme Dunkley

    Spiritual Warfare looks at the ‘excluded middle’ of the Western worldview. Many of us have grown up heavily influenced by secular materialism, with Western Christians largely ignorant of the demonic. This is not the case in the Majority World, where people are all too aware of the ‘powers and principalities.’ If you’re working in an intercultural context where spiritual conflict is a part of everyday life, then this course is foy you.

    There will be some required prework (from June 12) prior to the intensive; following the intensive there will be a programme of assessment. The unit is available at AQF levels 7-8, as well as a level 9 capstone experience. For more details, contact Dr Graeme Dunkley by sending an email to

    Enrolment Due Date: 9th June 2023 (late enrolments possible)
    Unit Start Date: 12th June 2023
    Admin Date: 12th June 2023
    Census Date: 4th July 2023
    Unit End Date: 29th September 2023

  • The General Epistles (NT020/21-612/712/812  NT206/7-912) - Sydney Campus / Livestream Online

    Unit Codes - English Text: NT020-612 / NT020-712 / NT020-812 / NT206-912 (Specialised Studies)
    Unit Codes - GreekText: NT021-612 / NT021-712 / NT021-812 / NT207-912 (Specialised Studies)
    Delivery: Winter Intensive (pre-intensive online modules PLUS 4 day on-campus Intensive)
    Study Modes Available: On-Campus (Sydney) or Livestream
    Dates: Online pre-intensive component (30%) starts 19th June 2023
    Compulsory On-Campus Intensive Dates: Monday 10th - Thursday 13th July 2023 (Sydney Campus or Livestream)
    Lecturers: Dr Michael Kok

    This unit provides an overview of the General Epistles, which include the letters attributed to James, Peter, John, and Jude. Unfortunately, these letters are often neglected by readers of the New Testament. However, they have much to teach us about the relationship of faith and works, the Christian response to persecution, the importance of the doctrine of the final judgement, or the danger of false teachings. After a brief overview of the collection as a whole, students will focus on the texts of 1 John and 1 Peter, looking at introductory issues about the authorship, date, audience, and purpose, as well as an exegetical analysis of the chapters in these two significant texts.

    Students enrolling in the Greek stream will be required to do significant pre-intensive work, involving translation of designated chapters of 1 John and 1 Peter, prior to the on-campus intensive days.

    Dr Michael Kok lectures in New Testament at Morling's Vose Campus in Perth, WA. He is the author of Tax Collector to Gospel Writer: Patristic Traditions about the Evangelist Matthew (Fortress, 2023).

    Enrolment Due Date: 16th June 2023 (late enrolments possible)
    Unit Start Date:  19th June 2023
    Admin Date: 19th June 2023
    Census Date: 11th July 2023
    Unit End Date: 6th October 2023 


Existing ACT/Morling Students (studying for credit):

Enrol ONLINE here

New Students (studying for credit)

Before enrolling in any of our units for credit, new students will need to complete the Student Application process. We strongly encourage you to contact us early, to discuss your study options and eligibility. Use one of the forms on this page to apply now as either a full-time or part-time student. 

Casual / Audit (non-credit)

Casual enrolments are available for anyone who wishes to attend an intensive unit, but does not want to complete assessment tasks or gain credit towards an award. You can download the Casual Enrolment Form here.

For more information

Have questions about this program or how to enrol? Contact us and we'll be happy to help you get started. 



How Do Intensives Work?

Intensives are lectures given as a series over several consecutive days (generally a one-week period). Semi-intensives run over several non-consecutive days, spread over several weeks (for example, a series of Mondays). Each intensive unit is run differently, so it is important that you contact Morling College for information on when the intensives are scheduled, the prior reading requirements, and how frequently the unit is offered.

Because of the fast-paced nature of intensive units, we strongly recommend that you enquire with a faculty member of Morling if you are interested in attending these classes.

The Benefits of Intensive Units

Many students at Morling are working professionals with families, commitments and a busy schedule. We understand that making time each week to attend lectures can be difficult. Intensive Units provide a way for students to gain the same quality of education at a pace that works around your busy schedule.

On Campus Accommodation During Intensives 

Casual accommodation is often available in Morling Residential College and can be booked through the Casual Bookings Website. Any enquiries regarding accommodation can be by email: or Phone: 02 8458 2320.