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Studying at Morling College

We are passionate followers of Jesus, dedicated to sharing His message with the world. Our goal is to equip our students to view the world - their lives, their studies, their ministries, and their work - through God's perspective.

Our theological education is designed to stretch and challenge your thinking, offering the opportunity to engage with new ideas and stories while remaining steadfast in biblical truth and faith. Morling's community consists of individuals from a diverse range of evangelical churches across Australia and the world, bringing richness in backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, not only for those in Baptist churches but also beyond.

The combination of our three faculties (Bible and Theology, Counselling, Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care and Education) gives us the privilege of training individuals who will apply their talents in various workplaces and church contexts. Morling's courses are aimed at bringing people together to explore God's answers to life's profound questions and the challenges of our world.


why Morling College? 

Over 100 years of Biblically grounded education and training.

A wide range of denominations in addition to our Baptist heritage

A choice of over 100 Christ-centred courses

A dynamic and creative college community.

Flexible Study Modes 

State of Art Facilities 

Qualified lectures and practitioners 

2 campuses to choose from: Sydney and Perth

What does it mean to study from a Christian Worldview?

Imagine studying a subject you're passionate about, and being able to approach it from a unique perspective that takes into account the foundational elements of how we understand the world. This is what it means to study from a Christian worldview, and it's the approach that students take at Morling College when exploring a wide range of topics, from comedy to risk management.

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Flexible Study Options: Is it really flexible? How so?

At Morling we recognise that not all students can attend weekly lectures, so we have established a flexible program offering both day and evening classes, fully online units, units with classes spread throughout semester and units across the summer and winter breaks.

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Student Experience

As a community, Morling places a high priority on providing pastoral and academic support for students. Praying for one another and showing God's love to one another are essential aspects of College life. Students are encouraged to share their needs with one another and offer support to each other. While some might consider seeking support as a sign of weakness, we believe that it is a valued aspect of personal and spiritual formation.

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Morling College Library is one of the largest theological libraries in Australasia. 

Morling College offers full library services on both of our campuses:

  • Heather and Noel Vose Library (Perth)
  • Gilbert Wright Library (Sydney)
Morling College Sydney Campus

Explore our campuses

Our Sydney campus features a multi-storey Ministry & Learning Centre, our Morling Residential College, a Dining Room and kiosk, our Gilbert Wright Library and ample outdoor green spaces perfect for relaxing and studying. Our Perth Vose Campus features our John Olley Lecture Centre, a Dining Room, Student Lounge, our Chapel, the Heather and Noel Vose Library and a number of courtyards for sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine.

Study group

Study Tours

A Study Tour is an unparalleled learning experience as you are immersed in the place and space in which key biblical events occurred. Study Tours currently planned include:

  • Israel, Palestine & Jordan Study Tour 
  • Christianity in History Study Tour
  • Greece and Turkey Study Tour

Coming Events & Conferences

Encore 2024

Encore 2024 Tailored for retirees or those no longer working full-time, ENCORE offers a warm and welcoming space to continue your journey of discovering God...

Event Date: Jul 29, 2024 - Nov 01, 2024

Open Night - November 2024

Open Night So you've come to the end of the year and you've decided to think about what's next.Always thought about studying but never taken...

Event Date: Nov 07, 2024

Mental Health First Aid - November

Thursday 14th and Friday 15th november 2024 This is a Mental Health First Aid Australia event in partnership with Morling College Mental Health First Aid...

Event Date: Nov 14, 2024 - Nov 15, 2024

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