SENT (Church Planting Equipping Programme)

SENT is a one-year experience that equips participants to serve as leaders and core team members for new communities of faith, within our rapidly changing world. It is for anyone who isn’t simply interested in “content download” but wants to be trained in an environment where practical application, relevant experience, and formation are crucial for learning.

Study Modes and Academic Credit

SENT is a part-time year-long programme, which begins in February each year. Flexible delivery options are available, including on-campus, livestream and self-directed fully online options (for three of the four units).

If you wish to study for academic credit you can enrol in the units listed below, including them as part of an award offered by the Australian College of Theology and delivered by Morling College. For information on the entry requirements and course structures of these awards please follow the links below.

If you study at undergraduate level you can include these four units (along with additional units to complete the course requirements) as part of an Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry or Diploma of Ministry or continue with further study to complete a longer award such as an Associate Degree of Ministry or a Bachelor of Ministry.

If you study at postgraduate level you can complete these four units and graduate with a Graduate Certificate of Divinity, or continue with further study to complete a longer award such as a Graduate Diploma of Divinity, a Master of Theological Studies, a Master of Ministry or a Master of Divinity.

Alternatively, if you don't wish to complete assignments and gain academic credit, you can participate in the programme as an Audit student.

Units of Study:
  • Leadership and Management (PC035) - Semester 1, Sydney on-campus, synchronous livestream, Perth Intensive, or fully online
  • Church Planting* (EM026) - Semester 1, Semi-Intensive (5 days) Sydney on-campus, or synchronous livestream
  • Evangelism Principles (EM024) - Semester 2, Sydney on-campus, synchronous livestream, or fully online
  • New Testament Early Church (NT002) - Semester 2, Sydney & Perth on-campus, synchronous livestream (from Sydney), or fully online

Due to the interactive nature of the EM026 course content, all students must attend the 5 whole-day intensive classes either on-campus or via real-time livestream - there is no self-directed online option for this unit.

*The intensive dates for this unit are available on the B&T Unit Offerings . Online components and assessments are opened on day 1 of Semester.


Fees for these units are charged according to the standard rates for 12cp Bible & Theology Units. The Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry and Graduate Certificate of Divinity are both approved for FEE-HELP. Please see our Fees page for more details on fees, payment options and FEE-HELP.

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On-Campus Dates

See the current on-campus timetable for on-campus class days and times.


Existing Morling Students

Existing students may be able to incorporate the SENT certificate into their existing awards, if it fits within the requirements of your course structure. Please speak to your course advisor before enrolling via the usual Enrolment Form (found on Moodle).

New Students

New students can apply for a Diploma of Ministry or (if you already have a Bachelor degree or higher) may apply for Graduate Certificate of Divinity. Both courses can be rolled into higher awards, should you wish to continue studying.

To apply for the one of these courses, you will need to first complete the Student Application process. After you have been accepted as a Morling student, you will then enrol in the SENT subjects as part of your course. We strongly encourage you to contact us, to discuss your study options and eligibility. Or use the online application process to apply now, as either a full-time or part-time student.

Casual / Audit Students

If you don't wish to study for academic credit, you can choose to enrol in each of the 4 units as an audit student. Audit students attend the face to face or livestream classes - to be equipped, but are not required to complete assessment tasks - so will not be able to gain credit for the unit/subject toward another course or award.

Please note that Fully Online mode units cannot be Audited. To enrol in SENT as an audit student, complete the Casual Enrolment Form for Theology.